Hope Probe UAE to send Mars images in a week

The UAE’s Hope Probe is ‘Fine’ and settling well in its new destination in the Martian orbit. And 1 week from now, it is expected to send its first images of Mars, officials said today.

Probe was successfully captured by the Martian gravity on Tuesday, officially making the UAE the 1st Arab nation in the Red Planet. It aced its Mars Orbit entery, a high-risk autonomous manoeuvre that entailed great precision.

Mars mission director Omran Sharaf at a Press briefing on Wednesday,said “Everything is working great and we manage to go through the critical operations, quite harsh operations yesterday, quite successfully,” 

“We officially transited from the Mars orbit entry Phase into the orbit transfer phase. Which basically means for the next 2 months we will be preparing the spacecraft and the scientific instruments for going into our science orbit.”

In this phase, the team will have to calibrate Hope probe science instruments and make sure that the data is accurate, he added. “This is so that by the time our Science mission starts. We are able to provide exact details to the scientific community. We hope to get the 1st image in one week from now.”

Probe is the 1st of three spacecraft to arrive at the Red Planet this month. After US and the china also launched missions in July20. Taking advantage of a period when the Earth and Mars are nearest.

The Emirate’s venture is also time to mark the 50th anniversary of the unification of the nation’s 7 7 emirates.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed after entering the control room. Said “What you have accomplished is an honour for you, and an honour for the nation. I want to congratulate you,”

Written by Martha Paul


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