His Highness and S.M Zayed talk about space in meeting

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai along with Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, met in Dubai on Monday to talk about the UAE’s space exploration programme.

Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency, Sarah Al Amiri explained the Rulers about the topic of Hope probe’s journey to Mars. As the spacecraft nears the Red Planet.

After the discussion yesterday, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed shared an update on the Hope Probe, as well as the UAE’s development in space and science.

Sheikh Mohammed said “We are 9 days away from the arrival of the Hope and probe to Mars and from recording the first Arab and Islamic presence at the Red Planet”.

“We will be the 5th country in history to reach the Red Planet. The success rate for enter Mars’s orbit is 50% but we have achieved 90% of our goals behind this project.”

Sheikh Mohammed added that he and the Vice-President are proud of everyone who is a part of the mission.

“My associate Mohammed bin Rashid and I discussed our country’s achievements, particularly in space and science. And also our pride in the nation’s youth,” he mentions.

“Sarah Al Amiri taught us about the progress of the Hope probe as it nears Mars. We wish you all luck on this historic journey.

“The Emirates Mars Mission embodies the aspirations that distinguish your country and reflects our leading status in the Arab and Islamic world.

“Our journey to Mars, will be exploration of new horizons towards a better future.
“Our investment in the human capital proved worthwhile as we see our youngsters are capable of reaching the stars.

“We are proud of our people and we also look ahead to making a historic contribution to serve humanity.”

In addition to it, Sheikh Mohamed also shared a video recounting the country’s space ambitions. Which begins with Founding Father Sheikh Zayed’s meet up with 3 American astronauts in 1976. And then moving to the launch of Hope last July.

What is Hope Probe ?

At the starting of 2020 S.Mohammed bin-Rashid and S.Mohamed bin-Zayed signed remaining outer piece for probe which launch into space.

The probe is spearhead by the UAE in order to get a full picture on what type of the atmosphere of Mars is like. It is expected the Hope Probe will take an estimated two-hundres days to arrive on Mars. Once the probe enters the planet in 2021, data will be collected over a two-year period. But this could be extended by another 2years meaning the Hope-Probe has the potential to be in space until 2025.

Written by Martha Paul


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