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Here’s What You Need to Know About Family Group Visit Visas

Tourists can apply for a family group visit visa, and the good news is that youngsters are not required to pay.

If your loved ones are considering a trip to the UAE, here’s a helpful tip: Tourists can apply for a family group visit visa, and the good news is that it’s free for children. 

Under this scheme, children under 18 can obtain a visa for free, while regular charges apply to their parents.

Applying for the Visa:

Subair Thekepurathvalappil, Senior Manager for Inbound and Outbound Operations at Regal Tours Worldwide, explained, “The application for this visa should be submitted along with either the father’s or mother’s application.” 

The family can submit copies of their passports and photos to a travel agency, where the application will be processed. 

Although the visa itself is free for children, travelers should be aware that travel agent service charges and insurance fees will apply.

No Restrictions on the Number of Children:

This family group visit visa is convenient and cost-effective for families, as there are no restrictions on the number of children who can apply for the permit. 

The visa is also applicable to children traveling with just one parent. It is available for a 30- or 60-day stay in the UAE, and it can be extended within the country.

Popular Choice for Festive Seasons:

With the festive season approaching, many family group visit visas are being issued, especially to Indians who wish to celebrate Diwali in Dubai. 

This visa, which was introduced two years ago, has become a popular option for visitors from around the world.

Experts say the family visa can be extended without leaving the country, but a full visa fee must be paid for children. 

Visitors can extend the family visa for up to 120 days without exiting the country.

Cost and Requirements:

  • Visa fee for parents: Ranges from Dh350 to Dh500 for a 30-day visa.
  • Service charge and insurance for a child: Range between Dh80 and Dh120.
  • A 60-day visa for a parent: Costs Dh500 to Dh650.
  • Service charges and insurance for a child with a 60-day visa: This may vary from Dh130 to Dh170.
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