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Here are some issues iPhone 15 users are facing worldwide

Apple introduced its latest offering – the iPhone 15 — on September 12 — and as customers get their hands on the new model, users around the world are reporting a number of problems in the new iPhone.

Tech giant Apple launched its latest offering — the iPhone 15 — on September 12 — with customers getting their hands on the new model on September 22, including in the UAE. 

The new variation of the popular phone sold like hotcakes, with malls in Dubai witnessing long queues of buyers.

[In case you missed it, tourists have been flying in to purchase the handsets in bulk, while many others are reselling the devices online for almost 50% more than the original price.]

Reports of iPhone 15 Issues Surface:

And while most of them are happy and proud to own the brand-new set, users worldwide report multiple issues. Here, we take a look at some of the issues:

1. Overheating Complaints:

Many users have complained about the variants of the iPhone 15 — Pro and Pro Max — overheating. The tech giant has been getting a lot of feedback on this issue on their community forum, with one of the users writing: 

“I’ve recently purchased the new iPhone 15 pro max, and it is heating up even when I’m not using it. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue or if it may be a setting that is causing it that I can turn off?”

Another user wrote: “I just got the iPhone 15 Pro today, and it’s so hot I can’t hold it for very long!”

Apple’s Response to Overheating:

Apple responded to the problem by issuing a short statement to the Associated Press after media reports detailed overheating complaints peppering online message boards. 

The company said it is working on an update to the iOS17 system that powers the iPhone 15 lineup to prevent the devices from becoming uncomfortably hot. It works with apps running in ways “causing them to overload the system.”

2. Data Transfer Challenges:

Some loyal iPhone users have reportedly said they had trouble transferring their data from their old iPhone to the new one. The tech giant immediately issued an iOS 17.0.2 software update, but the issues remained. 

Apple has said that users need to put the device into Device Firmware Update mode and restore it using a computer.

3. Titanium Frame Discoloration:

Some users have reported that the titanium frame, a new feature, is changing color. Apple itself said in its support document that fingerprints may cause the metal to change color. 

Luckily enough, Apple also has a remedy for it. Apple said that the color change is because of oil from the skin coming in contact with the frame and added that the original color can be restored by wiping the gadget with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.

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