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Heavy Rains in Sharjah Result in Lost Car Number Plates Lining Streets

Heavy Rains in Sharjah Result in Lost Car Number Plates Lining Streets

Sharjah Municipality Workers Retrieve Dozens of Plates from Flooded Roads

In the wake of heavy rainfall in the UAE over the weekend, Sharjah witnessed an unusual aftermath: car number plates protruding from pavements along key thoroughfares such as Al Khan Interchange and Jamal Abdul Nasir Street. This unexpected sight hinted at the challenges motorists faced navigating through floodwaters during the inclement weather.

Teams from the Sharjah Municipality worked tirelessly, day and night, to clear roads and retrieve dozens of submerged number plates from water ponds that formed on the streets. Their efforts aimed to alleviate potential hazards and assist affected motorists in reclaiming their lost belongings.

Residents observed municipal workers placing the recovered number plates along the roadside, ensuring their visibility by strategically positioning them between the blocks comprising the walkways. This proactive approach aimed to facilitate the identification and retrieval process for those seeking their missing plates.

One resident, Nepalese national Raju Kumal, shared his experience of losing his four-wheeler’s front number plate while navigating through knee-high waters near Al Khan Interchange. Like many others, he expressed concerns about water seeping into his vehicle and opted to prioritize safety by traversing the flooded areas swiftly.

Although efforts were made to clear major intersections like Al Khan Interchange, Jamal Abdul Nasir Street remained inundated on Tuesday morning, prompting continuous operations by trucks to drain the water and restore normalcy to the affected areas.

In Dubai, the consequences of driving without a plate or with a damaged one can result in substantial fines of up to Dh3,000 and 23 black points. To address such situations, motorists can avail themselves of the Dubai Police app to apply for a lost certificate. This process involves submitting a letter in Arabic from a relevant entity, along with necessary identification documents, and paying applicable fees for processing and documentation.

The incident underscores the importance of preparedness and caution during adverse weather conditions, prompting authorities and residents alike to prioritize safety and adherence to traffic regulations. As the UAE continues to experience varying weather patterns, proactive measures and efficient response mechanisms remain crucial in mitigating risks and ensuring the well-being of the community.

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