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Heavy Rains Hit UAE, More Expected Throughout the Week

Rain has been falling in portions of the UAE, and the NCM has predicted additional rain throughout the week.

Recent heavy rains have been affecting parts of the United Arab Emirates, and the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has announced the anticipation of more rainfall throughout the week. The downpours began shortly after midnight.

Gushing Waterfalls:

Videos shared by the NCM on social media platforms depict waterfalls gushing over mountains, showcasing the intensity of the rain. Early risers in Dubai also reported witnessing the showers on Sunday.

The Storm Centre’s social media account posted videos illustrating the intense rainfall and flooding in Fujairah, where vehicles navigated deep waters.

NCM’s Safety Warnings:

The NCM issued warnings urging residents to avoid low-lying areas, valleys, and flood-prone regions during rainy weather. 

They specifically cautioned that coastal, northern, and eastern areas would continue to experience rainfall until at least 8.30 p.m.

Rain Forecast for the Coming Week:

Expectations for the week ahead suggest that coastal, northern, and eastern regions will continue to receive rainfall from Monday through Thursday. 

The sea conditions are predicted to range from moderate to rough in the Arabian Gulf and slight to moderate in the Oman Sea.

Police Warnings and Motorist Caution:

Abu Dhabi Police used social media to caution motorists to exercise care while driving in the rain and to be attentive to changing speed limits indicated on electronic signs along the road.

An American expat, Shukri Deria, shared their thoughts on the rainy season, expressing excitement for outdoor activities and sightseeing during the winter months in the UAE. 

They mentioned the refreshing nature of the rain and how it complements outdoor plans.

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