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Heavy Rains and Thunderstorms Hit Saudi Arabia, Prompting Alerts

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia received strong rainfall and thunderstorms, creating flooding in several locations, particularly in Makkah.

Saudi Arabia experienced heavy rains and thunderstorms on Sunday, causing flooding in areas, particularly in Makkah. Videos shared online depict flooded streets, with water reaching window level in some places. 

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued a yellow alert for several parts of the country, cautioning residents about the ongoing severe weather conditions.

Alerts and Weather Forecast:

The NCM has issued a yellow alert, signaling the persistence of rains, thunderstorms, and dust storms until Wednesday. 

The adverse weather conditions are expected to continue affecting various regions in the country.

Makkah, including other cities like Jeddah, experienced medium to heavy rainfall, leading to challenges such as flooded streets and disrupted daily activities.

Videos Depicting Impact:

Online videos showcase the severity of the weather, with cars navigating through flooded streets, and pedestrians, including pilgrims near the Kaaba, seeking shelter from heavy rain and strong winds.

In response to the weather conditions, the Crisis and Disaster Management Centre in Makkah issued a cautionary message. 

Residents and visitors were urged to exercise caution, avoid flood drains, and steer clear of areas prone to water collection.

Ongoing Monitoring and Preparedness:

The situation continues to be monitored by the authorities, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and vigilance in dealing with extreme weather events.

As the country faces these weather challenges, communities are advised to remain informed about updates from official sources, adhere to safety guidelines, and support one another during these adverse conditions.

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