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Health Insurance Options for Dental and Optical Coverage in the UAE

According to industry leaders, health insurance policies that include dental and optical care can cost anywhere from Dh3,000 to more than Dh100,000.

Industry executives reveal that health insurance plans encompassing dental and optical coverage can range from Dh3,000 to over Dh100,000 per person in the UAE.

Avinash Babur, CEO of, underscores that the cost of including optical and dental coverage, starting at Dh4,500, hinges on multiple factors. 

These encompass the individual’s age, hospital network, and coverage scope. He highlights the correlation between comprehensive coverage, premium hospital networks, and escalated plan costs.

Optical and Dental Coverage Details:

Babur further details the breakdown, noting that optical coverage starts from Dh400, limited to Dh1,500 with a 20% copay, while dental coverage adds approximately Dh600 with a Dh3,000 limit. These figures, varying among insurers, outline specific coverage nuances.

Mandated vs. Comprehensive Plans: 

Toshita Chauhan from Policy Bazaar distinguishes between the mandated basic insurance and comprehensive individual plans. 

While the basic plan covers emergency optical and dental treatment, comprehensive plans starting at Dh3,000 extend coverage for dental treatment (up to Dh1,500) and optical needs (up to Dh1,500) with specified sub-limits.

Group Plans and Associated Costs:

Chauhan emphasizes the differences in group insurance plans, citing an example of a cost-effective network list. 

For instance, a network-focused plan might allocate Dh100 for optical needs and Dh300 for dental treatment, each with its respective sub-limits and copay percentages.

Age’s Role in Premium Escalation:

Babur highlights the impact of age on premiums, particularly concerning eye and dental coverage. 

As individuals age, premiums substantially rise due to increased health risks and anticipated medical interventions. 

This standard facet of health insurance plans reflects the augmented healthcare expenses for older policyholders.

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