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Hawaii’s Big Island Rattled by Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake

A major magnitude 5.1 earthquake resonated throughout the Big Island of Hawaii on Monday (early Tuesday morning in UAE), according to officials.

Officials confirmed that a significant magnitude 5.1 earthquake reverberated across the Big Island of Hawaii on Monday (early Tuesday morning in UAE). 

The seismic event elicited reports of shaking from hundreds of individuals across a substantial portion of the island.

Epicenter and Geological Details:

The earthquake struck at 5:54 pm near the Kilauea volcano at a depth of 1.6 kilometers below sea level, as indicated by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory in a statement. 

It was clarified that the initial quake and a subsequent magnitude 3.0 aftershock were not linked to any volcanic activity.

Reassurance and Post-quake Assessments:

The observatory offered reassurance, stating, “Aftershocks will likely continue, some large enough to be felt locally. 

We see no detectable changes in activity at Kilauea as a result of these earthquakes.” 

Despite the seismic activity, officials announced no reports of damage, injuries, or recorded tsunami risks.

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