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Harmeek Singh: From Employee to Entrepreneur, the Dubai Women’s Run Pioneer

Dr. Harmeek Singh's rise from printing house employee to owner of eight worldwide enterprises exemplifies Dubai's prospects.

Dr. Harmeek Singh’s journey from a printing house employee to owning eight global companies is a testament to Dubai’s opportunities.

Singh credits Dubai for his success, emphasizing that the city provided equal opportunities and respected his work, regardless of background, ethnicity, or religion.

Empowering Women Through Dubai Women’s Run (DWR):

Singh’s entrepreneurship began with the creation of the Dubai Women’s Run (DWR). With a background in events and a passion for empowering women, he conceptualized a women-only run, receiving immediate support from the Dubai Sports Council and other authorities.

Now in its tenth edition, the DWR has become a significant event in the UAE’s sporting calendar, championing women’s empowerment.

Inspiring Personal Stories:

Participants like 71-year-old Sandi Rich have found inspiration and motivation through DWR. 

Her journey towards fitness and self-reliance began after realizing the importance of health and well-being during a fitness trip to Jordan.

For many participants, the DWR is not about winning but camaraderie, community spirit, and personal achievement. Kifah Sbeitan highlights that the event promotes unity and self-improvement over competition.

Subheading 7: Growth of DWR:

The DWR has seen remarkable growth from 200 participants in the inaugural edition, with over 5,000 women expected to participate this year.

Impactful Stories:

Dr. Harmeek Singh is inspired by the transformative stories of DWR participants, like a Spanish lady who turned her life around from obesity and depression to becoming a marathon runner.

Singh cherishes the role of being a driving force behind the success of many women, and his dedication to DWR reflects his belief in the power of empowerment.

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