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Hamas Suspends Evacuation of Foreign Passport Holders to Egypt

On Saturday, Gaza's Hamas authority made a critical decision to halt the evacuation of foreign passport holders to Egypt.

Gaza’s Hamas government made a crucial decision on Saturday to suspend the evacuation of foreign passport holders to Egypt. 

This suspension comes in response to Israel’s refusal to allow the evacuation of some wounded Palestinians to Egyptian hospitals, according to a border official.

Stranded Passport Holders:

As a result of this suspension, no foreign passport holder will be permitted to leave the Gaza Strip until wounded individuals who require evacuation from hospitals in northern Gaza can be transported through the Rafah crossing to Egypt. 

The official conveyed this information while maintaining anonymity.

This move highlights the escalating tensions and challenges faced in the region, impacting both foreign passport holders and wounded Palestinians in need of medical assistance. 

The situation remains fluid, and further developments are awaited.

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