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Hamas Releases Israeli Women Hostages Amid Extended Truce

Hamas has released two more Israeli women hostages, signalling progress in ongoing talks aimed at releasing more Palestinian inmates.

Continuing an extended truce, Hamas has freed two additional Israeli women hostages, marking progress in the ongoing negotiations that aim to bring about further releases of Palestinian prisoners. 

The extended pause in hostilities has temporarily halted the deadly conflict that had ravaged the region for weeks.

Calls for Lasting Peace Amid Delicate Truce:

As the current truce approaches its deadline, international bodies advocate for a sustained cessation of violence. 

The conflict stemmed from fatal Hamas attacks on Israel, triggering a forceful Israeli response targeting the Gaza Strip.

Despite a Hamas-claimed shooting in Jerusalem that resulted in three fatalities, the fragile truce has successfully entered its seventh day, bolstered by a 24-hour extension. 

Efforts to maintain the ceasefire continued amidst challenges posed by sporadic incidents.

International Diplomatic Intervention for Peace:

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken engaged with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, striving to negotiate an extended pause. 

The objective is to facilitate more prisoner-hostage exchanges and enhance aid provisions for Gaza’s displaced civilians.

Israel confirmed the return of at least two women hostages from Gaza, who were released to the Red Cross by Hamas. 

Additional hostage transfers are expected within hours. Among the hostages released are Mia Shem, a 21-year-old French-Israeli dual national, and Amit Soussana, aged 40.

Future Palestinian Prisoner Release by Israel:

In adherence to the truce agreement, Israel is poised to release more Palestinian prisoners reciprocally. 

The decision to extend the cessation of combat operations signifies a commitment to ongoing negotiations and de-escalation efforts.

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