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Hamas Releases 24 Hostages in First Day of Truce

According to the Red Cross, Hamas fighters freed 24 hostages on Friday, the first day of the war's first truce.

In a remarkable move, Hamas fighters released 24 hostages on Friday, marking the initial day of the war’s first truce, as confirmed by the Red Cross. Among the liberated were Israeli women, children, and Thai farm workers.

Breakthrough in Truce Agreement:

A truce agreement between Israel and Hamas paved the way for the release of 39 women and children held in Israeli jails, according to a statement from Qatar’s foreign ministry spokesman posted on X on Friday. 

This significant development unfolded nine hours after the cessation of hostilities that had persisted for seven weeks.

International Red Cross Facilitates Hostage Transfer:

Following the temporary ceasefire, the International Red Cross initiated an operation to facilitate the transfer of hostages from Gaza to Israel, reciprocating for Palestinians detained in Israeli jails. 

The organization later confirmed the successful release of 24 hostages in Gaza.

Fabrizio Carboni, the Regional Director for the Near and Middle East at the International Committee of the Red Cross, expressed relief at reunifying separated families. 

“The deep pain that family members separated from their loved ones feel is indescribable. We are relieved that some will be reunited after long agony,” he stated.

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