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Hamas Extends Truce with Israel: Humanitarian Efforts Continue

In a momentous step, Hamas declared an extension of the cease-fire with Israel for another two days.

In a significant development, Hamas announced an extension of the truce with Israel for an additional two days. 

The agreement, facilitated in collaboration with Qatar and Egypt, mirrors the terms and conditions of the preceding four-day ceasefire, aimed at providing essential humanitarian relief in the conflict-stricken region.

Collaborative Efforts for Peace:

During a conversation with Reuters, a Hamas official confirmed the extension, emphasizing the agreement’s alignment with the previous truce terms. 

Additionally, a Qatari foreign ministry spokesperson corroborated the news through a social media post on platform X, affirming the continuation of the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip.

Humanitarian Exchange:

Notably, as part of the truce extension, Hamas has already released 39 Israeli hostages, a gesture of goodwill following the group’s recent attack on October 7. 

Among those released is a four-year-old orphan. Further releases from Gaza are anticipated throughout Monday.

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