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Gulf Medical University Winter Market Serves Humanity

Students from Ajman's Gulf Medical University organised a lively winter market, with all revenues benefiting Gaza conflict victims.

Students at Ajman’s Gulf Medical University orchestrated a vibrant winter market, channeling all proceeds towards aiding war victims in Gaza. The initiative marries festivity with philanthropy, showcasing a collective spirit of compassion during the holiday season.

Community Collaboration for a Greater Good:

The bustling bazaar not only offered handcrafted items, delectable treats, and engaging activities but also symbolized a joint effort among students, faculty, and staff to make a substantial impact on the lives of Gaza’s war-stricken victims.

Embracing the UAE’s commitment to humanitarian causes, proceeds from the event will support Emirates Red Crescent’s relief endeavors in Palestine, demonstrating solidarity and aid to those affected by conflict.

Students’ Endeavors for Change:

Emirati student Mahra Khalid Al Shamsi’s stall, “MK,” infused traditional Emirati cuisine with innovative twists, showcasing the spirit of generosity and community support. 

Her stall’s success not only reflected a fondness for Emirati flavors but also mirrored the community’s empathy for global causes.

Mahra’s stall presented a modern take on beloved Emirati dishes, offering delights like karak chai, Oman chips sandwich, and inventive creations such as the vine leaves fettah with Cheetos, blending tradition with contemporary tastes.

Family Favorites for Fundraising:

Sualiman Ballout’s family recipes, including honey cake and donuts, drew immense enthusiasm from the community and sold out rapidly. His gesture symbolized the community’s generosity, embracing familiar treats for a noble cause.

Mubarra Sahar, a nursing student, contributed to the cause with her mother’s collection of 120 intricately crafted crochet pieces. 

The overwhelming response reflected the community’s appreciation for handmade creations, contributing to the initiative with purchases ranging from Dh5 to Dh20.

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