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Guide to Running: Embark on Your Journey to Becoming a Runner

The inclusive character of this endeavour is exemplified by Kara Groucher's sentiment: "Running simply requires lacing up and hitting the road."

Entering the world of running isn’t solely about pace or distance—it’s about dedication. Kara Groucher’s sentiment—running simply requires lacing up and hitting the road—defines the inclusive nature of this endeavor.

Establishing Your Routine:

Consistency is key in running. Commitment to regular sessions forms the cornerstone of progress. Selecting suitable running routes—urban streets, park trails, or designated tracks—ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Jumeirah Beach Running Track, Safa Park Running Track, or Dubai Water Canal are ideal starting points for beginners.

Optimal Running Times:

Managing the UAE’s heat is crucial for a fulfilling run. Shielding yourself from the sun with appropriate gear—sunscreen, breathable clothing, hydration—is essential. 

Early morning runs before intense heat kicks in or selecting cooler months from October to March for longer runs can enhance your comfort and performance.

Preparing for Your Run:

Investing in quality running shoes tailored to your foot type and running style is imperative. Tailored cushioning and support for toe-strikers, midfoot-strikers, or heel-strikers ensure comfort and injury prevention. 

Prioritize running shoes over walking shoes for adequate foot ventilation and flexibility during runs.

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