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Growing Demand for Umrah Pilgrimages Boosts Travel in UAE

The advent of e-visas and low-cost Umrah packages has increased travel between the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The introduction of e-visas and affordable Umrah packages has spurred an increase in travel between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

Umrah operators, such as Rehan Al Jazeera Tourism and Asaa Tourism, have responded to the growing demand by offering cost-effective packages starting at Dh600 per person. 

These economical and convenient packages, designed for travel by bus, cater to residents seeking multiple Umrah journeys within the year.

E-visas and Budget-friendly Packages:

The implementation of e-visas has played a key role in the surge of Umrah pilgrimages, prompting operators to create affordable packages to meet the rising demand for spiritual journeys.

Starting at Dh600, budget-friendly packages offer a 10-day itinerary for residents with a 1-year Umrah e-visa. These packages provide an economical option for those seeking a sacred pilgrimage without incurring high costs.

Variety of Packages:

Umrah operators have tailored packages to accommodate individuals, families, couples, and colleagues. 

The offerings include packages with Umrah visas, 1-year Umrah e-visas, and options for those who already possess visas. 

The packages, varying in cost from Dh600 to Dh1,700, cater to different accommodation and food preferences. 

Some residents opt for luxury packages starting at Dh3,900, which include 4 and 5-star accommodations near the Kaaba.

Streamlined Process and Expert Advice:

Operators have streamlined the pilgrimage process, making it accessible for residents who desire to undertake the sacred journey. 

Travel experts recommend booking flights and accommodations at least 15 days before the trip and scheduling appointments for Tawaf, a key ritual. 

It is emphasized that a 1-year-multiple Umrah visa is essential for certain flights, and residents are encouraged to plan their itineraries to secure accommodations.

Booking and Appointments:

Residents can book Umrah packages through reputable operators, ensuring proper flight and accommodation arrangements. 

The Nusuk App is highlighted for booking appointments for Tawaf, a critical component of the pilgrimage. 

Pilgrims are advised to utilize the app to secure specific times and days for Tawaf, enhancing their overall Umrah experience.

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