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Google’s New Inactivity Policy: Key Deadlines Details

Google revealed its amended inactivity policy, which will take effect on December 1, noting that dormant accounts will be kept for two years.

Google announced its revised inactivity policy, set to take effect on December 1, highlighting that inactive accounts for two years across all services, including Gmail, will be subject to deletion.

Inactivity Criteria and Implications:

An account qualifies as inactive if the user hasn’t logged in for two years, with the deadline for deletion set for December 1, 2023. 

Once deleted, a Gmail address cannot be reused for a new account. Google assured users of multiple notifications before deletion.

YouTube Accounts and Exceptions:

The policy exemptions include accounts associated with YouTube channels, videos, or comments. 

Other exceptions cover accounts linked with a loaded gift card or those connected to a published application.

Ensuring Account Activity:

Google suggested various activities to maintain account activity, such as sending or reading emails, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, sharing photos, downloading apps, conducting Google searches, or utilizing Sign in with Google for third-party services.

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