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Google Joins UAE’s Union Day Celebration with Interactive Doodle

Google has decorated its homepage with a festive doodle depicting the flying UAE flag in honour of the UAE's 52nd Union Day.

On the occasion of the UAE’s 52nd Union Day, Google has adorned its homepage with a festive doodle featuring the fluttering UAE flag against the backdrop of the word ‘Google.’ 

The interactive greeting brings a touch of celebration to the virtual realm.

Virtual Fireworks Illuminate the Screen:

Upon clicking on the flag, users are treated to a virtual fireworks display in the iconic colors of the UAE—red, green, and black. 

The immersive experience adds a dynamic and visually stunning element to the online celebration.

In addition to the visual spectacle, Google provides a brief insight into the significance of UAE National Day. 

It highlights the historical moment when the UAE was established as a sovereign, independent nation in 1971, uniting seven emirates while preserving their identities.

Commemorating Traditions and Festivities:

Google’s doodle further delves into the traditional UAE National Day celebrations, including parades, firework shows, musical performances, camel races, car rallies, feasts, and gatherings. 

The national dish, khuzi, a delicacy of roasted lamb served on spicy rice, is also highlighted as a part of the festive culinary traditions.

The grand celebration for the 52nd Union Day is set to take place at Expo City Dubai, aligning with the COP28 climate summit’s theme that emphasizes sustainability—a testament to the Emirati commitment to environmental stewardship.

A Nod to Google Doodle’s Legacy:

Google Doodle, a creative outlet for celebrating heroes, events, culture, and more for over 25 years, continues to captivate audiences with its interactive and informative designs. 

With thousands of drawings and animations over the decades, it remains a cherished part of online celebrations worldwide.

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