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Google Enhances Security Measures with Automated Safety Checks on Chrome

Google has released a significant update to its Chrome browser that focuses on the automatic execution of its Safety Check.

In its ongoing efforts to bolster security, Google has introduced a notable update to its Chrome browser, focusing on the automatic execution of its Safety Check feature on desktops. 

The feature, designed to inspect the integrity of users’ saved passwords, will now operate seamlessly in the background, ensuring a continuous and proactive approach to safeguarding user accounts.

Automated Safety Checks:

The Safety Check feature on Chrome will now perform constant checks in the background, promptly alerting users to any compromised passwords. 

This real-time monitoring aims to provide users with immediate notifications, prompting them to change passwords swiftly and enhancing overall account security.

Comprehensive Monitoring:

In addition to password security, Safety Check keeps a vigilant eye on potentially harmful extensions or questionable site permissions. 

Users can conveniently address Safety Check alerts directly from Chrome’s three-dot menu. 

Moreover, the feature can revoke site permissions if a user hasn’t visited a particular site for an extended period, adding an extra layer of protection.

Tab Groups Across Devices:

Google is introducing a new feature for Chrome’s tab groups on desktops, allowing users to save tab groups for seamless access across various devices. 

This functionality benefits users who travel between different devices, such as a home PC and a laptop. The update is set to roll out globally over the next few weeks.

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