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Gold smuggling attempts from Dubai foiled at Delhi airport

Delhi customs thwarts passengers trying to avoid $25,000 import duties.

Delhi customs thwarts passengers trying to avoid $25,000 import duties.

Seizure at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indian customs officials intercepted a significant gold smuggling attempt at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. 

Three passengers, singled out through security profiling, were apprehended. Authorities discovered a substantial stash of gold, weighing 3.7kg and valued at over $230,000, ingeniously concealed within the waistbands of their trousers. A social media post by Delhi Customs showcased the moment when airport officers meticulously uncovered the concealed gold bars.

Ongoing Investigations and Legal Action

Following their arrests under the Customs Act, investigations into the smuggling operation are underway. 

The authorities remain diligent in probing the origins and extent of the illegal activity. The interception underscores the vigilance of Indian customs in combating such illicit endeavors.

Additional Arrests at Mohali Airport

In a separate incident on November 17, Ludhiana customs authorities intercepted two passengers attempting to smuggle gold into India from Dubai at Mohali Airport. 

The offenders were apprehended, and authorities seized five bangles, weighing 750g and valued at approximately $50,000. The swift action by customs officials thwarted yet another attempt to illegally bring gold into the country.

Commitment to Curbing Illegal Activities

These incidents reaffirm the steadfast commitment of Indian customs officials to thwarting unlawful smuggling activities. 

The vigilance and efficiency demonstrated in these interceptions underscore the dedication to upholding the nation’s laws and safeguarding against the illegal influx of valuable commodities.


The vigilant efforts of Indian customs officials at various airports have led to the prevention of significant gold smuggling attempts. These interceptions underscore the authorities’ commitment to combatting illicit activities and upholding the integrity of the nation’s customs regulations.

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