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Globetrotting in a Dubai-Registered Car: Munir Karim’s 44-Country Journey

DALL·E 2024 01 12 23.40.17 Image of a Dubai registered Suzuki Jimny parked in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris with the cars license plate clearly showing. The scene

A Dubai Resident’s Tale of Solo Travel and Cultural Exploration

For 68-year-old Munir Karim, the art of travel is not just about visiting new places; it’s a profound journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion. A long-time Dubai resident, Karim’s unique adventure spans 44 countries, all embarked upon in his trusty Dubai-registered car. This story is not only about the miles traveled but the experiences and insights gained along the way.

Karim’s journey began in 1988 with flights to destinations like Thailand, Holland, and Canada. However, it was the road trips that truly opened the world to him. By 1989, he had explored five countries, including Canada, the USA, France, Italy, and the UK. Over the years, his tally of visited countries has grown to an impressive 86, with over 300 flights under his belt.

His solo travel adventures truly blossomed in Dubai. In 2016, Karim actualized his dream of a road trip to London, traversing Europe and Asia over 64 days. His drive through Europe alone covered 30,000 kilometers through 32 countries. The experiences ranged from bustling cities to serene landscapes, offering Karim a mosaic of cultures and terrains.

The star of these adventures is Karim’s Suzuki Jimny, a compact yet reliable companion that has clocked 195,000 kilometers, 60,000 of which were outside the UAE. This car is no ordinary vehicle; it boasts a bed, kitchen, toilet, and all necessary amenities for a comfortable journey. Karim even spent over 31 nights in the car during his travels.

Karim’s dedication to road travel intensified after his family migrated to Canada. At the age of 56, he embarked on his first road trip from Vancouver to Alaska with his wife. The experience solidified his love for road travel. In 2017, he purchased a pickup and transformed it into a fully-equipped caravan, although he ultimately continued his journeys in his car due to visa constraints.

Preparation is key to Karim’s travels. He starts planning three months in advance, focusing on passport and visa acquisition, route study, and customs clearance. He skillfully navigates border crossings, some of which are smooth while others present challenges.

Karim’s travels are more than just a hobby; they are a rich source of cultural insights. They have taught him humility, appreciation for humanity, and respect for all living beings. For him, the world is the best university, and his journeys are his education.

This story of Munir Karim is a testament to the power of solo travel and the cultural richness it brings. It shows how one Dubai resident’s passion for exploration has led him on a remarkable journey through diverse cultures and landscapes, all from the driver’s seat of his Dubai-registered car.

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