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Global Push for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Goals to Tackle Climate Crisis

This collaborative efforts is part of governments' initiatives to meet net-zero emissions targets and address the global climate issue.

Approximately 85 percent of the world’s economies, including the G20 nations, have thrown their support behind an ambitious global objective: tripling renewable energy capacity and doubling energy efficiency by 2030. 

This united effort is part of governments’ strategies to reach their net-zero emissions targets and address the pressing global climate crisis.

Key Announcement at Mena Climate Week:

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, President-Designate of COP28, made this significant announcement during his speech at the Mena Climate Week held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Al Jaber emphasized the critical importance of a fair, just, equitable, and well-managed transition to cleaner energy sources. 

He acknowledged that transitioning from the current energy system to a more sustainable one is a complex task that must provide energy for today’s needs while ensuring access for the 800 million people who currently lack it.

COP28 to Be Hosted by the UAE:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host the upcoming COP28, the global climate change conference. This significant event will occur at Expo City, Dubai, from Nov 30 to Dec 12. 

COP28 will bring world leaders together, policymakers, and experts to address the critical challenges climate change poses.

Dr. Al Jaber stressed the need to significantly increase investments in renewable energy sources to meet the objectives of a clean energy future while reducing carbon emissions from the current energy system.

A Call for Financial Commitments:

Dr. Al Jaber called on the world to honor previous commitments, including the decade-old promise of $100 billion in climate finance. He also urged replenishment of funds dedicated to addressing loss and damage caused by climate change.

Adapting Institutions to Climate Realities:

Old institutions, such as the World Bank and the IMF, need to adapt to the new climate realities of today. Dr. Al Jaber emphasized updating their charters to address current climate challenges better.

Private Sector Engagement:

In addition to governments and international organizations, Dr. Al Jaber called on the private sector to increase investments in the opportunities of developed nations (Global North) and the essential needs of developing nations (Global South).

The global commitment to ramp up renewable energy and energy efficiency represents a crucial step in mitigating the climate crisis. COP28, hosted by the UAE, is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping global strategies to address climate change.

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