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Get ready to capture a partial lunar eclipse: UAE’s celestial spectacle

A viewing event will be there for the party at Dubai's Mushrif Park Astronomy Centre.

A viewing event will be there for the party at Dubai’s Mushrif Park Astronomy Centre.

UAE’s star gazers are in for a treat this weekend as a partial lunar eclipse graces the skies, and they are being encouraged to have their smartphones ready to capture the celestial event.

A Lunar Phenomenon on the Horizon

This Saturday, a partial lunar eclipse will be visible over the UAE, creating a captivating sight for those who look up. Astronomy experts are urging the public to seize this opportunity and witness the event.

Special Viewing Party Hosted by Dubai Astronomy Group

The Dubai Astronomy Group has organized a special viewing party for astronomy enthusiasts, providing an ideal setting to witness the highly-anticipated eclipse. 

Attendees will receive tips and guidance on how to capture this celestial phenomenon using their smartphones, ensuring that the experience is not only memorable but also shareable.

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