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German-Israeli Woman Abducted by Hamas Found Dead

Shani Louk, a 23-year-old German-Israeli lady kidnapped by Hamas during a music festival.

Shani Louk, a 23-year-old German-Israeli woman abducted by Hamas fighters during a music festival.

Israel’s foreign ministry confirms Louk’s death and expresses grief.

Details of Louk’s abduction and the unimaginable horrors she endured while in captivity.

The ministry pays tribute to Shani Louk, hoping her memory will be a blessing.

The Supernova Rave Attack:

Recap of the Hamas attack on the Supernova rave that led to Louk’s abduction.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz condemns Louk’s death and the barbarity of the Hamas attack.

Tragic Loss of Festivalgoers:

Information on the number of festivalgoers killed during the Supernova rave attack.

Description of the disturbing images and videos circulating online showing Shani Louk in captivity.

Louk’s family’s initial hope and the devastating news of her death were shared by her sister on Instagram.

Identification and Confirmation:

Details of how Shani Louk’s family was informed of her death through DNA analysis.

Mention of the October 7 attacks and the subsequent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Human Toll of the Conflict:

Casualty figures from the October 7 attacks and the ongoing conflict, as reported by Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

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