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Genocide in Gaza: Jordan’s Foreign Minister Criticizes Israel’s Actions

On Sunday, Ayman Safadi said that Israel was committing genocide by forcibly expelling Palestinians from Gaza.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, asserted on Sunday that Israel was pursuing a strategy tantamount to genocide by forcibly displacing Palestinians from Gaza through military actions. 

Safadi, whose nation shares borders with the West Bank and hosted a significant number of Palestinian refugees post the establishment of Israel in 1948, voiced strong criticism against Israel’s alleged actions.

A Systematic Effort to Empty Gaza:

Speaking at a conference in Doha, Safadi emphasized that the situation in Gaza goes beyond mere casualties and infrastructure damage. 

He claimed that Israel’s approach goes so far as to constitute a systematic effort to depopulate Gaza. 

He expressed concern that the repercussions of Israel’s actions would sow seeds of hatred, leaving a lasting impact on the region and shaping the destiny of future generations.

Legal Definition of Genocide:

Safadi contended that the ongoing conflict in Gaza meets the legal criteria for genocide, citing not only the loss of innocent lives and destruction of livelihoods but also a deliberate effort to empty the region of its inhabitants. 

He called for a global response, urging the international community to unequivocally demand an end to what he perceives as a genocidal war.

Discrepancies in Arab-U.S. Talks:

In addition to his criticisms of Israel, Safadi revealed that significant differences emerged during talks between a delegation of Arab ministers and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. 

The discussions, which took place in Washington last Friday, reportedly centered around the U.S. administration’s military support for Israel and its reluctance to call for an immediate ceasefire. 

Safadi underscored the international community’s need for a unified stance and decisive action to address the ongoing crisis.

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