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Generosity Wins: UAE Big Ticket Winner Shares Fortune with Helper

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A Story of Luck and Kindness in the Big Ticket Draw

In an extraordinary tale of luck and kindness, Kamaleddine Badghaish, a retiree from Jeddah, emerged as one of the ten lucky winners of Dh100,000 in the recent Big Ticket draw held in the UAE. However, what sets Kamaleddine’s story apart is his promise to share his winnings with the helper who picked the winning number.

A Promise Kept Kamaleddine, a 57-year-old retired banker and a regular participant in the Big Ticket for four years, was on a family vacation in Italy when he received the winning news. He had entrusted the task of picking the lottery numbers to his helper, vowing to split the prize if they won. In an astounding turn of events, the helper’s chosen numbers turned out to be the lucky ones.

Gratitude and Sharing Overwhelmed with gratitude, Kamaleddine intends to honor his word by sharing half of his Dh100,000 prize with his helper. This gesture is not just a fulfillment of a promise but a significant act that will positively impact his helper and her family.

Other Winners The Big Ticket draw also brought fortune to others, like Alaa Azen from Palestine and Marwan Afif from Lebanon. Alaa plans to support his sons’ education in Malaysia with the prize money, while Marwan, a singer residing in Abu Dhabi, looks forward to settling his loan with the winnings.

Conclusion Therefore, this Big Ticket draw has been more than just a lottery win; it’s a story of shared joy, unexpected generosity, and the power of promises. Kamaleddine’s act of sharing his fortune is a heartwarming reminder of the kindness that exists in the world.

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