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Generosity in Fortune: How Winners of Emirates’ Draw Spread Joy

Mohammed Adil, an Indian expat living in Dubai, won Dh25,000 in the Fast 5 game of Emirates' Draw, sparking generosity.

Indian expat Mohammed Adil’s win of Dh25,000 for 25 years at the Fast 5 game of Emirates’ Draw became a catalyst for altruism. 

Instead of focusing solely on personal gain, Adil chose to give back to the community meaningfully, transforming each installment of his winnings into acts of kindness and generosity.

Impactful Contributions:

Adil’s charitable spirit manifested in various forms, from sponsoring a wedding for a family with seven daughters to assisting a less privileged man in covering his mother’s medical expenses. 

Despite being the sole provider for an extended family of eight, Adil’s generosity shone through as he used his winnings to uplift those in need.

With plans to secure a brighter future for his children and support his family’s well-being, Adil invested in an apartment in Lucknow, India. His winnings touched the lives of those around him and aimed to provide stability for his loved ones.

Freilyn Angob’s Dreams and Compassion:

Another winner, Freilyn Angob, highlighted the transformative impact of the prize on her life. 

Expressing gratitude for the financial support, Angob envisions using her winnings to create a safety net for her family and pursue her dream of owning a farm.

Compassion for Animals and Acts of Assistance:

Angob’s dream of owning a farm intertwines with her passion for animals, particularly her desire to adopt and care for stray dogs. 

Despite her newfound fortune, her humility remains evident as she continues to help those in need, considering her winnings as a means to help others.

Bringing her parents to the UAE to experience the country’s wonders, Angob acknowledges her family’s unwavering support and intends to share her success with them. 

Her perspective reflects a deep gratitude and generosity, aiming to continue supporting and helping those around her.

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