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Generative AI Drives Change in MENA Organizations, Impacting Strategy

According to an Artefact Mena poll, more than 80% of respondents in the MENA area are seeing changes in their organisations as a result of Generative AI.

Data and digital consulting leader Artefact Mena has conducted a survey and released a white paper on Generative AI, revealing that more than 80% of respondents in the MENA region are witnessing changes within their organizations due to Generative AI. These changes are affecting strategy, businesses, and people.

Key Findings of the White Paper:

The white paper is based on comprehensive surveys and interviews with executives from various industries in the MENA region. 

It seeks to understand the status of Generative AI in regional organizations, its applications, challenges, and prospects.

Close to 50% of survey respondents have already started exploring the capabilities of Generative AI by implementing proof of concepts (POCs) or industrialized use cases. 

The region has shown a strong interest in testing the technology and gaining hands-on experience.

Government Initiatives:

Governments in the Middle East, particularly in the public sector, have been actively promoting the adoption of Generative AI in organizations. 

Investments are being made at various levels of the AI life cycle, including applications, foundational models, and infrastructure.

Applications of Generative AI:

Organizations in the region primarily see the applications of Generative AI in customer service, sales, marketing, and operations. 

Implementing these use cases involves addressing technical considerations related to data protection, security, and data quality. 

It is also crucial to develop the necessary capabilities and skills for Generative AI and launch change management programs.

Employee Readiness:

Approximately 33% of organizations report that their employees are ready to embrace the change brought by Generative AI, while 58% may accept the change but still require change management efforts.

Rahul Arya, CEO and Managing Partner of Artefact Mena emphasized the region’s readiness to explore the potential of AI. He highlighted the need for a holistic vision and roadmap for AI implementation. 

Christelle Salame, Partner at Artefact Mena, noted the rapid adoption of Generative AI technology in the region and the ongoing efforts to address challenges as the technology evolves.

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