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Generations of Sweet Success: UAE’s Honey-Making Families

Mashaer Muhammed Hassan's childhood in a woodland next to a farm laid the groundwork for her lifelong fascination with bees and honey.

Mashaer Muhammed Hassan’s childhood in a forest adjacent to a farm became the foundation of her lifelong relationship with bees and honey production. 

Her family’s pioneering honey store in Al Ain began a prosperous journey that expanded across UAE regions like Hatta, thanks to imported Sudanese honeybees.

Continuing Tradition at Hatta Honey Festival:

Mashaer, now at the helm of the family business, perpetuates the legacy by participating in events like the ongoing 8th Hatta Honey Festival. 

Local farmers showcase their farm-fresh honey, while Mashaer introduces their unique Neem honey, known for its dark hue and delightful toffee-gingerbread flavor.

Mashaer’s daughter is gearing up to steer the business forward, supporting marketing and operational tasks. Mashaer is confident in her daughter’s capabilities and envisions her leading the business with acquired skills.

The Rabie Family’s Honey Journey:

Another honey-making legacy is carried by the Rabie family, originating from Egypt and flourishing in the UAE under the banner of Alhor Honey Trading. 

Their expertise lies in cultivating Samr and Sidr honey varieties, with bees from Egypt and the UAE yielding distinct flavors.

Bee Contributions and Distinct Honey Attributes:

Egyptian bees produce honey starting at Dh100, whereas the premium Sidr honey from UAE mountainous bees commands Dh1,000 due to its exquisite quality. 

The Rabie family’s farm witnesses the laborious process of honey-making, resulting in annual yields of 30 tonnes from Egyptian bees and 2 tonnes from Emirati bees.

Rabie traces the honey-making heritage from his father to himself, now involving his children in the family business. This generational continuity embodies their commitment to honey production and preserving traditional practices.

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