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Gems Education Suspends Celebratory Events in Light of Regional Conflict

Gems Education has sent a message to all of its schools, announcing the cancellation of any celebratory festivities "at this time."

Gems Education, one of the world’s largest private school operators headquartered in Dubai, has made a significant decision in light of the ongoing conflict in the region. 

The organization has sent a communique to several schools, announcing suspending celebratory events “at this time.” 

This move reflects their thoughtful consideration of the current circumstances and their commitment to respecting the gravity of the situation.

Decision Based on Careful Consideration:

The decision to suspend celebratory events, including religious celebrations like Diwali and Christmas events, as well as end-of-year and New Year celebrations, was not taken lightly. 

According to the announcement, the move was made after extensive consultation and careful consideration. 

Gems Education, as an international education provider serving diverse families, believes that events of a celebratory nature would be inappropriate given the ongoing conflict in the region.

Exceptions and Continuation of Academic Activities:

While celebratory events have been put on hold, the school clarified that UAE national events like Flag Day, Commemoration Day, and UAE National Day would continue to be observed. 

Additionally, academic and curriculum-based events such as sports tournaments, school drama productions, and other extra-curricular activities of a non-celebratory nature will proceed as planned.

Gratitude for Understanding and Cooperation:

The announcement concluded by expressing gratitude to parents for their understanding and cooperation during this challenging time. 

Gems Education acknowledged the impact of the conflict and extended their thoughts to all those affected.

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