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Gems Education announces launch of Net-Zero school in Masdar city

The campus will have a network of solar panels that seeks to develop 3.1 million kilowatts of energy annually.


Gems Education, a prominent education group in the UAE, is set to unveil a pioneering initiative with the launch of Gems Founders School Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. This innovative school aims to achieve net-zero energy consumption, aligning with the nation’s sustainability goals.

Energy Generation and Carbon Reduction:

The campus is designed to be self-sustainable, boasting a vast network of solar panels covering 9,500 square meters. Projections estimate an annual generation of 3.1 million kilowatts of energy, ensuring the school generates as much energy as it consumes. 

Notably, these solar panels will serve a dual purpose, providing both power to the school and shade to various areas, including the roof, car park, and walkways.

Environmental Impact:

Beyond energy generation, Gems Founders School Masdar City incorporates features like thermal insulation and strategic building orientation in relation to the sun. 

These design elements are anticipated to result in an annual reduction of approximately 1,154 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, underscoring the school’s commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint.


This venture by Gems Education stands as a beacon of sustainable education, pioneering innovative solutions in line with the UAE’s green initiatives. The school’s emphasis on net-zero energy consumption and eco-friendly design serves as a model for future educational institutions striving for environmental sustainability.

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