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G-Dragon, Questioned by Police Over Drug Use Allegations

G-Dragon, the former frontman of BIGBANG, was detained by police after being accused of illegal drug use.

K-pop sensation G-Dragon, the former frontman of BIGBANG, appeared for police questioning over allegations of illegal drug use. 

The investigation is part of a broader crackdown on illegal drugs by South Korea’s government.

Shares of K-pop Agencies Affected:

In late October, when the allegations against G-Dragon surfaced, shares of K-pop agencies, including Y.G. Entertainment, his former agent, witnessed a temporary decline. However, these shares have since rebounded.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, addressed the media briefly before entering a police station in Incheon. He strongly denied any wrongdoing and intended to clear any suspicion against him.

Denials and Legal Process:

Kwon, dressed in a dark suit, firmly denied the accusations of illegal drug-related crimes. He stated that there was no truth to the allegations of drug abuse and maintained his innocence.

South Korea’s stringent drug laws, which carry severe penalties, have led to a series of arrests in recent months, including chaebol heirs and celebrities. 

Authorities are intensifying their efforts to combat narcotics and improve customs inspections.

G-Dragon and Past BIGBANG Incidents:

G-Dragon is not the first member of BIGBANG to face criminal charges. In 2017, T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun) received a suspended jail sentence for marijuana use. 

Seungri (Lee Seung-hyun) was convicted in 2021 for various charges and served an 18-month prison sentence.

BIGBANG’s Influence on K-pop:

BIGBANG was a dominant force in the K-pop scene following their debut in 2006. Several of its members, including G-Dragon, have pursued successful solo careers.

The investigation of G-Dragon is part of South Korea’s ongoing efforts to combat illegal drug use, which is met with strict legal consequences in the country. 

Social media and international travel have made these substances more accessible, raising concerns among drug rehab advocates.

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