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Fuse EV Conversions Empower Yemen’s Remote Villages

Fuse EV Conversions collaborates with the ITDC and LM International to bring environmentally friendly transportation to distant Yemeni areas.

Dubai-based startup Fuse EV Conversions partners with the International Training Development Center (ITDC) and LM International to introduce eco-friendly transportation solutions to remote Yemeni villages. 

Their focus on sustainability aims to address mobility challenges while promoting environmentally conscious practices in the region.

Reimagining Transport Solutions:

Salman Hussain, co-founder of Fuse, highlights the extensive efforts in rethinking and redesigning existing processes to enable the creation of smart IoT-enabled powertrain kits for vehicles like the Toyota Hilux. 

This retrofitting initiative is displayed at COP28’s blue zone, signifying their commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

Solar-Powered Initiatives and Fuel Shortage Solutions:

Collaborating with LM International and ITDC, Fuse aims to maximize the utilization of solar power, initially used for water pumps, in remote villages. 

Recognizing the impact of fuel scarcity on villagers’ lives, Fuse endeavors to offer EV engines for vehicles, addressing both immediate mobility needs and environmental concerns.

Salman emphasizes the simplicity and ease of installation of their engineered engines. The design is intuitive, ensuring that installation requires minimal effort and no complex procedures, aiming for a quick and efficient setup process within hours.

Vehicle Selection and Community Engagement:

Lee Pitts, LM International’s Project Coordinator, details the rigorous research behind selecting the Toyota Hilux. 

Understanding the villagers’ needs led to choosing a dual cab model, accommodating both passengers and goods, and considering cultural norms to ensure the comfort and convenience of women in the market.

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