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Fujairah Technician Stunned by Dh20 Million Mahzooz Win

Shreeju finds it weird to learn that he has received a significant Dh20 million fortune thanks to Mahzooz.

Shreeju, an Indian expatriate employed as a control room technician in Fujairah, finds it surreal to realize he’s now the recipient of a substantial Dh20 million windfall through Mahzooz.

Continuing Work Despite Win:

Despite this life-changing sum, Shreeju remains committed to his job and has no immediate plans to resign. 

He expressed his intention to continue working, emphasizing that even his manager was unaware of his recent stroke of luck.

Residing in the UAE for over a decade and being a father to six-year-old twins, Shreeju has long desired to own a house. 

Originally planning to purchase a home through a bank loan, the unexpected win allows him to fulfill his dream by building a substantial bungalow.

Shock and Disbelief:

The magnitude of his win hit Shreeju on a Sunday morning, initially believing it to be a modest prize. 

Opening the email to discover the staggering Dh20 million left him in disbelief, struggling to comprehend the unexpected turn of fortune.

Three Years of Participation:

Participating in Mahzooz for the past three years, Shreeju usually selects numbers randomly without any particular sequence in mind. 

He slightly modified the numbers he used in the previous one for this draw, a simple adjustment that led to this life-altering victory.

Shreeju’s unexpected windfall is a testament to the surprises that life can bring, leaving him shocked and thrilled by this life-altering stroke of luck.

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