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Fujairah Police Issues Warning After Car Swept Away in Flood

Fujairah Police have released information regarding a viral video that has been spreading on social media and depicts a car being washed away in a valley.

Fujairah Police have provided details about a viral video circulating on social media, depicting a car being swept away in a valley in the country’s mountainous region due to heavy rains on a Friday morning.

No Casualties or Damage Reported:

The authorities clarified that the incident captured in the video did not result in any damage or loss of life. Despite the dramatic visuals of the vehicle engulfed by muddy waves in a flooded wadi, all individuals emerged unharmed.

Driver Summoned and Legal Measures Initiated:

The authorities have summoned the vehicle’s driver, and necessary legal measures are being taken against the individual. This action underscores the importance of responsible conduct, especially in the face of weather-related risks.

Public Warning Against Circulation:

In response to the circulating video, the authorities have warned residents, urging them not to circulate such clips on social media platforms. 

The cautionary message emphasizes the potential negative impact of sharing such content and the need to prioritize safety over sharing sensational visuals.

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