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Fujairah Businesses Rebuilding After Devastating Floods

Heavy rains in July 2022 caused catastrophic losses to Fujairah enterprises, forcing many to start again.

The heavy rains in July 2022 brought catastrophic losses to businesses in Fujairah, forcing many to start afresh.

An Afghan expatriate BK faced a total wipeout of his seven-year-old nursery by the floods, leaving him with uncertainties about the future, especially concerning his daughters’ weddings.

Unexpected Support and Renewed Hope:

A chance encounter with a past client turned BK’s fortunes. The client, impressed by BK’s earlier work on his garden, extended a helping hand. 

Grateful for BK’s efforts, he gifted him Dh25,000, inspiring BK to establish a new nursery and marking a turning point in his journey.

Similar tales of compassion surfaced amidst the adversities. Badr ul Siddiq, a grocery store owner, faced closure and losses post-floods. 

A compassionate Emirati customer offered him Dh50,000 to rebuild his store, restoring Siddiq’s faith and enabling him to resume business.

Optimism Amidst Challenges:

Sadiq Khan, enduring approximately Dh1 million in losses as a fodder trader, holds hope for recovery. 

Despite setbacks, his brother’s confidence and management keep their business afloat in Pakistan, fostering optimism for eventual recovery.

Smaller establishments, like a sports shop that suffered Dh70,000 in inventory losses, exhibit resilience. Despite discarding and donating items post-flood, they anticipate increased winter business due to residents’ heightened engagement in sports activities.

Winter’s Promising Prospects:

With winter’s onset, businesses foresee a resurgence in activities and sales, banking on the community’s participation in sports tournaments and workouts. 

This anticipation fuels their hope for recovery and progress after the challenging aftermath of the floods in Fujairah.

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