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Fujairah Adventure Park Unveils Thrilling Attractions: One-Kilometre Zipline and Tallest Giant Swing

Fujairah Adventure Park, a new hotspot for adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts, has officially opened its doors, offering 15 cutting-edge activities and experiences. With a focus on quality, safety, and global standards, the park aims to become a premier tourist destination in the region.

The grand opening ceremony, attended by prominent figures from the emirate, marked the introduction of thrilling attractions that set new benchmarks in the Middle East. Among these, the highlight is a groundbreaking one-kilometre zipline course, featuring state-of-the-art technologies and top-of-the-line safety equipment. This zipline promises an exhilarating ride and a unique adventure experience.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy the tallest giant swing in the region, standing at 22 meters tall and offering unparalleled thrills. Other activities include kayaking, archery, free fall, and more, catering to a diverse range of adventure preferences.

Amr Zein El Din, Director of the Fujairah Adventure Centre, expressed excitement about the park’s contribution to Fujairah’s entertainment and tourism landscape. As the first specialized adventure park in the UAE and the Middle East, it is expected to attract thrill-seekers and activity enthusiasts from around the world, putting Fujairah prominently on the global tourism map.

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