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French climbers scale Burj Khalifa to launch global clean-up campaign

French Spiderman and associates take nine hours to reach the top of the planet's tallest building.

French Spiderman and associates take nine hours to reach the top of the planet’s tallest building.

A Daring Ascent

French climbers Alain Robert, famously known as “Spiderman,” and his partner Alexis Landot achieved an extraordinary feat by scaling the iconic 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa. After a challenging nine-hour climb, stunning images captured their triumphant summit of the landmark Downtown building.

Promoting Climb2Change

Their daring ascent wasn’t merely for personal glory. The climb was part of the launch for Mashreq’s Climb2Change project, a global campaign aimed at cleaning the world’s highest peaks. 

Private banking company Mashreq spearheads this initiative, challenging climbers to address the debris left behind on the world’s 14 highest mountains and recycle the waste.

A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Alain Robert and Alexis Landot’s physical feat was more than a display of skill; it symbolized a commitment to environmental stewardship. Their climb amplified the call for responsible practices among climbers, emphasizing the importance of preserving these natural wonders by removing the litter left by previous ascents.

The climb up the Burj Khalifa wasn’t just a spectacle—it marked the beginning of a concerted effort to preserve and protect the world’s most majestic peaks through the Climb2Change initiative led by Mashreq.

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