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France Anti-Tobacco Plan: Smoking Bans in Public Spaces

France is about to introduce sweeping smoking bans that will cover all beaches, public parks, forests, and select public locations.

France is set to implement sweeping smoking bans, covering all beaches, public parks, forests, and certain public areas. 

The move is part of a national anti-tobacco plan aimed at reducing the 75,000 avoidable deaths attributed to tobacco products annually in the country.

Minister’s Announcement:

Health Minister Aurélien Rousseau presented the anti-tobacco plan, emphasizing the need to combat the harmful effects of smoking. 

The plan includes legislation, scheduled for introduction in early 2024, to extend the list of places where fines can be imposed for smoking.

Targeted Areas for Smoking Bans:

The upcoming legislation intends to enforce smoking bans in various public spaces, including beaches, parks, and surrounding schools. 

The move follows experimental initiatives in several places and reflects the government’s commitment to a broader, nationwide rule.

Disposable E-Cigarette Ban:

In addition to smoking restrictions, legislators plan to prohibit single-use disposable e-cigarettes. 

A draft law addressing this issue is expected to undergo an initial vote in the National Assembly next month, signaling the government’s multifaceted approach to tackling tobacco-related health concerns.

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