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Fox News Interrupts Trump Rally for Fact-Check, Arthel Neville’s Stand

Fox News quickly cut away from a live broadcast of a Donald Trump event in Cedar Rapids to conduct a fact-check.

During a live broadcast of a Donald Trump rally in Cedar Rapids, Fox News abruptly interrupted coverage for a fact-check. 

Anchor Arthel Neville intervened, contradicting Trump’s claims about the 2020 election, asserting it was neither rigged nor stolen.

Neville’s Firm Stance Against Trump’s Election Claims:

Arthel Neville, a co-anchor for FOX News Live, has repeatedly countered Trump’s allegations regarding the election. 

Her recent interruption follows previous instances where she debunked Trump’s assertions, earning criticism from the former president.

Neville’s Professional Background and Fox News Profile:

Neville’s extensive career spans from her early days as a reporter in local newsrooms to her groundbreaking role as the nation’s first high-profile African-American female entertainment reporter. 

Her tenure at Fox News, which began in 1998 and resumed in 2010, highlights her impact as an anchor and contributor.

Career Milestones and Accomplishments:

Neville’s achievements include revitalizing a Fox affiliate in San Diego and propelling its morning show to the top spot in the market. 

Her successful stint at E! Entertainment Television, hosting celebrity interviews and launching “EXTRA,” an entertainment news show, solidified her reputation in the industry.

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