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Foggy Start Gives Way to Fair Weather in UAE Today

Today in the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts mostly good weather with intermittent clouds.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts generally fair weather with intermittent clouds today in the UAE. 

However, due to heavy fog, the NCM has issued red and yellow alerts across specific regions, causing reduced visibility until 9 am.

Fog Alerts and Traffic Precautions:

Residents are cautioned about the fog’s impact, reducing visibility and prompting Abu Dhabi police to lower speed limits on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International road. 

Motorists are urged to remain vigilant and adhere to changing speed limits indicated on electronic information boards.

Weather Changes and Humidity Expectations:

The evening and early Sunday morning are predicted to increase humidity, particularly in western regions, possibly leading to fog or mist formation. 

Light to moderate winds are anticipated throughout the day.

The temperature variation across the country is notable, with mountainous areas expecting a low of 11ºC and internal regions reaching a high of 30ºC.

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