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Foggy and Humid Conditions Ahead in UAE as Temperatures Drop

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Weather Update: Chance of Fog and Lower Temperatures Across the Emirates

Dubai: The weather forecast for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) indicates fair conditions, with partial cloudiness and a likelihood of fog or mist, especially during the night and early morning in coastal areas. Residents should anticipate a drop in temperatures, marking a cool and humid period ahead.

Temperature Changes and Fog Probability

In Abu Dhabi, the temperature is expected to drop to around 15°C, and in Dubai, to about 17°C. The maximum temperature across the emirates is predicted to be 29°C. This drop in temperature is part of the coldest phase of the winter season in the UAE, typically experienced in mid-January.

The National Centre of Meteorology has documented the winter chill in various regions of the country, with morning temperatures sometimes in the single digits. The period from January 12 to January 24 marks the peak of the winter season in the Gulf heritage calendar, known as the Al Drour system.

Precautions and Weather Patterns

Residents and visitors are advised to take necessary precautions against the cool and humid weather, especially during early morning and night times. Light to moderate winds are also expected to blow across the region. The sea conditions are anticipated to be slight in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

This weather update serves as a reminder of the seasonal changes in the UAE and the importance of staying informed and prepared for varying weather conditions.

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