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Flying Whales to Set Up UAE Manufacturing Facility, Creating Jobs

In partnership with its partners, Flying Whales plans to develop a manufacturing facility in the UAE, producing around 1,000 employment.

Flying Whales, a French firm excelling in rigid airship technology, is set to establish a manufacturing facility in the UAE, creating around 1,000 jobs in collaboration with its partners. 

The move aims to produce zero-emission airships certified by EASA and FAA for heavy-load transport across various regions, generating tremendous employment opportunities.

Innovative Airship Technology:

The airship, dubbed LCA60T, operates like a helicopter and can carry substantial loads, from wind blades to mobile hospitals, covering distances from a few hundred to a few thousand kilometers. 

With a remarkable cargo bay and dimensions measuring 200 meters in length and 50 meters in diameter, this airship revolutionizes transport by loading and unloading up to 60 tonnes in a hovering flight, leaving no ground footprint.

Global Expansion and Economic Impact:

Flying Whales plans to establish final assembly lines across strategic global locations, including Abu Dhabi, contributing significantly to employment generation and regional economic development. 

With plans to serve 30 markets from the UAE and collaborate closely with regulatory authorities, the company envisions the UAE facility as a hub catering to the East African, Middle Eastern, and Indian regions.

Environmental and Cost Advantages:

Chairman Sébastien Bougon highlights the cost-effectiveness of this transportation mode, which is 20 times less expensive than helicopters and planes while slightly exceeding trucking costs. 

Moreover, the environmentally friendly aspect of loading and unloading without any ground impact underlines its sustainability.

Strategic Partnerships and Vision:

Supported by a consortium of 50 aeronautic leaders and partnerships with Emirates, France, Canada, and Australia, Flying Whales aims for exclusive operations from the Emirates for production and deployment across designated regions. 

The company’s participation in COP28 at Expo City Dubai signifies its commitment to decarbonizing transport and showcasing French innovation globally.

Strategic Significance for the Emirates:

Bougon emphasizes that establishing the facility in the UAE signifies a robust collaboration among Emirates, France, Canada, and Australia. 

It represents a pivotal agreement, positioning the Emirates as a central hub for airship production enhancing its influence in transportation across India, Africa, and Turkey while consolidating strategic partnerships exclusively within the Emirates.

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