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Five-Year-Old Emirati Becomes Youngest Female to Publish a Book

Alfai Al Marzooqi, a five-year-old Emirati girl from Abu Dhabi, has been inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest female author.

Alfai Al Marzooqi, a five-year-old Emirati girl from Abu Dhabi, has joined the Guinness World Records as the youngest female to publish a book. 

Her work, ‘The Lost Rabbit,’ reflects themes of friendship, compassion, and love for animals. Alfai, a Grade 1 student, demonstrated exceptional creativity by completing the book, including drawings, in just three days.

Heartwarming Storyline:

‘The Lost Rabbit’ follows characters Alfai and her friend Salma on a journey of friendship and kindness as they search for Salma’s lost rabbit, Fufu. 

The heartwarming tale encapsulates the innocence and bonds shared among children, emphasizing themes of empathy and caring for one another.

Early Passion for Storytelling:

Alfai’s passion for storytelling emerged at age two as she delved into the world of books, asking thought-provoking questions and displaying a keen interest in narratives. Her mother, Teeb Al Barri, noticed this early inclination, fostering Alfai’s love for reading and creativity.

In just three days, Alfai completed the entire book, from writing to drawing and coloring. The efficiency and dedication exhibited in this process underscore her commitment to storytelling and creativity.

Aspirations in Fashion Design:

In addition to her writing achievements, Alfai aspires to become an international fashion designer. The family has launched the ‘Tell and Tale’ brand, showcasing Alfai’s unique and artistic fashion pieces inspired by her love for reading and storytelling.

Recognition and Future Endeavors:

Alfai’s family and supporters celebrated her achievement during a ceremony at Burjeel Hospital, where she was born. 

The hospital facilitated the publication of her book and supported her Guinness World Records recognition. Alfai is already working on her next book, ‘The Lost Cat,’ indicating a promising future in the literary world.

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