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“First Day of Spring in the UAE: Longer Days and Rising Temperatures Ahead”

"First Day of Spring in the UAE: Longer Days and Rising Temperatures Ahead"

As the March Equinox approaches, heralding a celestial transition where day and night equalize, the onset of spring is imminent. Wednesday marks this celestial event, signaling the changing of seasons.

With the advent of spring, the UAE and the broader Northern Hemisphere will witness longer daytime hours, accompanied by warmer temperatures. Already, temperatures in the Emirates have surpassed 30°C in recent days, setting the stage for the forthcoming season.

Aaron Sigut, a professor at the University of Western Ontario’s department of physics and astronomy, explains that as the Sun ascends higher in the sky each day post the March Equinox, daytime hours lengthen. Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere, shorter days will bring about cold snaps in countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

During the equinox, both the northern and southern hemispheres receive equal amounts of daylight, a phenomenon signifying the transition of seasons. As we progress beyond the Spring Equinox, the days extend, and the Sun reaches greater heights at noon, ushering in the spring and summer seasons.

The Sun’s trajectory in the sky, influenced by the Earth’s rotation, follows the celestial equator during the March Equinox, resulting in equal durations of day and night. Subsequently, with the passing of the equinox, the Sun’s ascent during the afternoon intensifies, reaching its zenith near June 21, during the Summer Solstice.

Looking ahead, the next equinox is slated for September 22, marking the commencement of shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere and longer days in the Southern Hemisphere. As this shift occurs, the UAE will gradually transition to cooler temperatures, heralding the onset of winter.

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