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Fire Engulfs Parked Vehicles in Dubai South; No Casualties Reported

In a morning incident, two vehicles parked in a lot in Dubai South caught fire, prompting an immediate reaction from Dubai Civil Defence.

In a morning incident on Wednesday, two vehicles parked in a lot in Dubai South rose in flames, sparking a quick response from the Dubai Civil Defence. 

The fire was reported at 10.50 am, and firefighters were on the scene within four minutes.

Swift Action to Contain the Blaze:

Upon arrival, the firefighters found a car and an SUV engulfed in flames. 

Despite their efforts to extinguish the fire within 10 minutes, both vehicles were extensively damaged. Fortunately, no losses were reported in the incident.

While the Dubai Civil Defence responded promptly to the incident, the cause of the fire was not specified. Investigations may follow to determine the factors leading to the ignition of the parked vehicles.

Insurance Coverage for Damages:

Comprehensive vehicle insurance in the UAE typically covers damages resulting from a fire. 

Motorists affected by the incident are advised to submit a police report to their insurance company to initiate the claims process. 

Additionally, third-party insurance holders may be eligible to claim damages if a relevant insurance scheme covers the parking facility.

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