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Filipina Expat’s Close Meeting with Dubai’s Ruler Sheikh Mohammed

Maria Veronica Villalba, a Filipina expat, had an unexpected and wonderful encounter in Dubai.

Filipina expat Maria Veronica Villalba had an unexpected and extraordinary experience during her time in Dubai when she crossed paths with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and PM of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. 

Villalba, using the Instagram handle @featherblue13, shared a photo capturing the moment when Sheikh Mohammed was casually strolling around Mercato Mall in Jumeirah.

A Personal Connection:

In her Instagram post, Villalba expressed her awe at the unique encounter, stating, “My Dubai journey is now complete, having had an upfront and personal meeting with our esteemed ruler of Dubai.” 

The expat’s proximity to Sheikh Mohammed allowed her to capture a clear photo, showcasing the ruler in a relaxed setting, unaccompanied by the usual entourage seen with royals and VIPs worldwide.

Sheikh Mohammed’s Casual Visit:

Sheikh Mohammed’s visit to Mercato Mall had a purpose — a post by supermarket chain Spinneys revealed that he stopped by their shop during his visit. 

A video shared by Spinneys captured the beloved ruler exploring the grocery store, particularly the section featuring fresh fruits and juices.

A Familiar Stop for Sheikh Mohammed:

This wasn’t Sheikh Mohammed’s first visit to a Spinney’s outlet, as confirmed by the company. According to Spinneys, he has been “spotted a few times” across their stores, and the supermarket chain expressed pride and joy in serving him on multiple occasions.

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