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FIA and MIT Collaborate for Sustainable Mobility Solutions

The governing body of Formula One has joined forces with the Middle East's pioneering MIT Senseable City Lab in Dubai.

Formula One’s governing body, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has joined forces with the Middle East’s pioneering MIT Senseable City Lab in Dubai. 

This collaboration aims to research and develop new sustainable mobility solutions for major events in the UAE.

The partnership between FIA and MIT Senseable Dubai Lab will concentrate on studying improved sustainable mobility patterns. The primary goal is to mitigate the carbon footprint associated with major events in the UAE.

Addressing Environmental Impact:

While contributing positively to tourism and the local economy, major events often pose challenges to host cities. They divert traffic, strain public transportation, and increase congestion, leading to higher greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. 

This initiative seeks to address these challenges and enhance the overall environmental impact of such events.

As part of the MIT Senseable Dubai Lab, researchers will gather comprehensive data on city-wide mobility patterns during major UAE events, including the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

This data will inform recommendations for improving local mobility planning, traffic management, and public transport to reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

Collaborative Efforts:

FIA and MIT plan to collaborate closely with stakeholders such as Formula One management, the Yas Marina Circuit, and local governments. 

These entities will play a vital role in data collection efforts and the subsequent implementation of recommended improvements.

Future Vision and Impact:

Umberto Fugiglando, Research Manager and Partnerships Lead at MIT Senseable City Lab emphasized the project’s potential impact on urban sustainability in the UAE. 

The findings and lessons learned from this collaboration will be shared with other cities, event organizers, and FIA members, contributing to global improvements in sustainable mobility.

Forward-Looking Commitment:

Presented at the Dubai Future Forum 2023 and highlighted at COP28, this initiative underscores FIA’s commitment to enhancing sustainable mobility and reducing the environmental impact of motorsport. 

The collaboration aims to make major events in the UAE more eco-friendly, efficient, and enjoyable for attendees through innovative mobility solutions.

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