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Female CEOs Empower Women to Excel in Business at Forbes 30/50 Summit

Female CEOs Empower Women to Excel in Business at Forbes 30/50 Summit

Female chief executives from various corners of the world convened at the prestigious Forbes 30/50 summit in Abu Dhabi, delivering empowering messages and sharing insights on overcoming challenges in the business world.

The four-day summit, which commenced on Tuesday, attracted female entrepreneurs hailing from over 30 countries across diverse sectors, including business, creative, and non-governmental organizations.

At the heart of the discussions was the call for women to dream big and continue innovating to establish successful ventures despite the obstacles they might encounter.

Sallie Krawcheck, a prominent figure in the US financial investment sector and the founder of Ellevest, a digital investment advisory firm for women, emphasized the importance of identifying a specific problem that needs addressing before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Krawcheck, who previously led Merrill Lynch and Citi Private Bank, described the entrepreneurial journey as “ridiculously difficult,” highlighting the daily challenges and the high failure rate of start-ups. Despite the hardships, she urged aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their ventures if they are driven by a genuine desire to solve a pressing issue.

Encouraging women to stand out and aim for greatness, Krawcheck emphasized the need to play big and not shy away from ambitious goals. Drawing from her own experience, she underscored the importance of making bold decisions and seizing opportunities that set one apart from the crowd.

Samia Bouazza, the group chief executive of Multiply Group, echoed Krawcheck’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of constant adaptation to change in the business landscape. Bouazza, who founded Multiply Group in 2003 and made history as the first woman to take a company public on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange in 2021, emphasized the necessity of maintaining a bold vision for growth and innovation.

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Bouazza highlighted the need for well-defined goals, especially for women aspiring to take their companies public. She emphasized the importance of visualizing the purpose behind going public and executing a strategic plan outlined in the prospectus to fulfill shareholder expectations.

Both Krawcheck and Bouazza emphasized the inevitability of setbacks and failures along the entrepreneurial path. They encouraged women to cultivate resilience and perseverance, emphasizing the importance of learning from setbacks and pushing past disappointments.

Krawcheck shared her personal strategies for maintaining mental resilience, including engaging in strenuous exercise and focusing on what truly matters while disregarding negative criticism. Bouazza underscored the importance of knowing which battles are worth fighting and being prepared to make necessary sacrifices along the way.

The discussions at the Forbes 30/50 summit not only provided valuable insights and inspiration for female entrepreneurs but also underscored the significance of empowering women to excel in the business world. As women continue to break barriers and pave the way for future generations, events like these serve as catalysts for driving positive change and fostering a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial landscape.

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